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1. Lomi-Lomi

Andrew Brown - Westwood Therapies

Lomi-Lomi is the Hawaiian phrase for massage / bodywork. Over the centuries the Hawaiian's have developed their own unique style of massage... Lomi-Lomi is an absolutely wonderful, nurturing massage treatment that uses long and short wave-like rhythmic strokes of the forearms and hands over, under & across the whole body. This is a profoundly nurturing and deeply relaxing masssage which can be very deep or light pressure with or without stretches as you prefer.

Clients often describe Lomi-Lomi as having an 'Experience' rather than just a massage.

Separate parts of the body are often massaged simultaneously; this has the effect of distracting the mind allowing you to let go and move deeper into relaxation. Lomi-Lomi can be very deep pressure to ease deep muscle and joint tension or light with very light forearm and hand touch to just relax the body and mind; it can include strong joint stretches similar to those used in Thai Massage or just gentle joint movements ...as you prefer. With Lomi-Lomi the massage runs from one end of the body to the other and from side to side in a rhythmic flow.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi (Kahuna) Massage & Training - Essential Bodywork

Lomi Massage/ Kahuna Bodywork

2. Swedish Relaxation Massage

Swedish Massage, also known as Holistic Massage, is the cornerstone of all Western forms of massage. This style of massage is very relaxing and perfect for clients wanting to rest and enjoy so ‘me’ time in a calm tranquil healing space. The strokes used in Swedish Relaxation Massage are very light and performed in a slow rhythmic manner that helps calm the mind and allow you to become more attuned with your body in a soft and gentle way. I use either a nurturing massage wax or oil/essential oil blend for this treatment This style of massage is not intended to treat injuries or deep/chronic muscle tension/musculoskeletal problems, for that please look at the Massage and Manual Therapy page.

Perfect for anyone in need of deep relaxation and a de-stress, whilst this is not a treatment for specific musculoskeletal problems it can create a deep sense of rest and relaxation in the body and mind.

Perfect for...

  • Deep relaxation and rest for body and mind
  • Reducing and dispersing inflammation across the body
  • Increases well-being, helps you release stress... and just feel better

3. Indian Head Massage

Andrew Brown - Westwood Therapies

A wonderfully relaxing oil massage focusing in detail on the upper limbs / upper back / shoulder girdle and of course the neck / head-scalp and face including pressure point massage to open and ease the energy channels of the head and face. This treatment is performed laid flat on the couch with you covered by a towel rather than in a chair, this way you get to relax into it much more deeply on a nice warm spa fully adjustable couch.

Perfect for...

  • Neck shoulder tension
  • Mild tension headaches
  • Feeling generally run down and stressed out

Can be enjoyed as...

  • A one off treatment
  • A course of regular treatment

4. Traditional Ear Candling

Andrew Brown - Westwood Therapies

Using Bio-Sun wax ear candles (with safety filter) to draw out blockages from the ear canal. An effective thermo-therapy treatment for easing congestion in the ear. The treatment includes a detailed Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment of the neck, face and head (I am a fully qualified Vodder MLD therapist) to help clear congestion in the neck and head / ears.

Single treatments are 45 minutes £40 which includes both candles and MLD treatment.

5. Reiki

Andrew Brown - Westwood Therapies

A deeply relaxing and calming form of energy healing which has roots reaching far back into into India and then Japan and from there to the West. A Reiki treatment helps gently open and clear blocked energy pathways running through the body promoting deep rest and rejuvenation of body and mind. Uses simple hand positions over and on the body to allow the REIKi energy to flow through the therapist into and throughthe recipient. I’ve practised Reiki since 1999 qualifying to Master-Teacher in 2006 and having also worked as a professional energy healer for several years during the 19990’s and also having undergone nearly 2 decades of continued shamanic training and personal practice. (The word Shamanic loosely translates as one who ‘touches the soul’)

Perfect for...

  • Stress and tension
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling run down and washed out
  • Feeling fatigued

Can be enjoyed as...

  • A one off taster treatment
  • Has a much more beneficial effect as a course of regular treatments

6. Therapy Room

I work from home and have a light and bright dedicated therapy room with a fully adjustable, heated electric couch with extra thick comfort padding and comfort headrest to allow for extended treatments of 90 minutes and two hours

7. 2019 Prices


First appointments for Advanced Remedial Massage & Manual Therapy and all other treatments, except Lomi-lomi, are normally 45 minutes with a choice of follow up appointments ranging from 30 minutes, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Lomi-Lomi treatments are 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

30 minutes ….. £35
45 minutes ….. £40
60 minutes ….. £50
90 minutes ….. £70
120 minutes … £90


Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday …… 8am - 6.15pm
Saturday …… 7.30am until mid afternoon

8. Booking an appointment or making a general enquiry

Text message is the best way to contact me, I can usually reply between appointments.

Text ….or call …(any time)07747 842 748

9. Qualifications and Training

Andrew Brown - NAMMT (RMAdv)

Professional Associations - Registered Member Of

  1. NAMMT - National Association of Massage & Manipulative Therapists

Qualifications & Training

  1. Hendrickson Method Practitioner (level 5)
  2. Advanced Remedial Massage Diploma - Northern Institute of Massage (level 5)
  3. Dr. Vodder method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (to Therapy 1)
  4. Level 4 Sports Massage & Sports Injury Management (ITEC)
  5. Advanced Strategies in Deep Tissue Massage & Myofascial Release (Art Riggs)
  6. Provision of Remedial Exercise
  7. Introduction to Strength & Conditioning
  8. Trigger Point Therapy
  9. Somatic Movement Coaching HSE Level 1
  10. Tui Na - CPD
  1. Holistic (Swedish) Massage ITEC Level 3
  2. Aromatherapy Pre-blends ITEC Level 3
  3. Onsite Chair Massage
  4. Detox Massage
  5. Thai Massage (Levels 1 & 2)
  6. Hawaiian Facial Massage
  7. Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage Diploma
  8. Reiki Level 1 & 2 since 1999 ...Master/Teacher Level since 2006
  9. EFT Advanced Therapist
  10. Traditional Ear Candling