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Sports Massage and Manual Therapy

1. Who can benefit from Sports Massage ?

Andrew Brown - Westwood Therapies
Andrew Brown - Westwood Therapies

Regular clients include amongst others ...

  • MMA

2. How does Sports Massage & Manual Therapy differ from other massage ?

Andrew Brown - Westwood Therapies

Sports Massage use a range of advanced bodywork and joint mobilisation techniques to help the athlete, it is typically divided into three types :

  • 1. Pre-event ... helping someone prepare for an upcoming event
  • 2. Inter-event ... working at a sporting event to help with preformance and injury
  • 3. Post-event ... working with an athlete after a sporting event to aid recovery ...for example post marathon

Sports Massage & Manual Therapy is focused on relieving areas of discomfort and restoring correct muscle and joint function and balance where possible.It employs deep remedial style massage and joint mobilisation as well as remedial home exercise to help with rehabilitation.

Andrew Brown - Westwood Therapies

3. Sports Massage Therapy benefits

  • • Improved performance & increased strength, range of motion of joints and limbs
  • • Acceleration of soft tissue healing return to sport
  • • Reduction of inflammation across the body, reduction of pain
  • • Reduction of muscle spasm which can interfere with movement
  • • Injury recovery and management
  • 4. "I've never had a Sports Massage ... what happens during an appointment ?"

    Andrew Brown - Westwood Therapies

    At the first appointment a comprehensive consultation is undertaken to screen out anything which would require medical intervention. This is followed by an assessment of the areas of discomfort and a general postural assessment to help identify areas of imbalance across the body; this information is recorded and used to formulate a treatment plan. The initial consultation and assessment usually take around 20 minutes…longer for more complex cases. From here hands on treatment is undertaken. Treatment will be a combination of different advanced massage and manual therapy techniques and remedial exercise as required.

    5. How many appointments will I need and how long are they ?

    Andrew Brown - Westwood Therapies

    This depends on the nature & severity of the problem. The first appointment is usually 60 minutes in length and includes a consultation / assessment / treatment. This can be 90 minutes if preferred. Follow up treatments are 60 or 90 minutes. Injuries usually require a course of treatment ranging from one or two for a simple muscle strain to sometimes several treatments over a number of weeks for more complicated issues suck as a severe muscle strain or ligament sprain. Home care advice is also given to help you speed up the process.

    A lot of clients come in for monthly maintenance massage to help with sports performance.

    6. Therapy Room

    I work from home and have created a bright, uplifting therapy studio. The massage couch I use is a fully electric - height / back rest / knee lift - adjustable thickly padded, extra wide, heated spa couch. Changing facilities are provided in the therapy room which is closed off by screened doors whilst you prepare for your treatment.

    7. 2021 Price List & Treatment Options

    Appointment Times & Prices ...(varies)
    Mon / Tues / Thurs / Fri ....& every 4th Saturday
    9am / 11am / 1pm / 3pm / 5pm

    Lomi-Lomi and Mobile Massage priced separately, please refer to those pages for details. All other therapies charged at the same rate as follows:

    60 minutes ….. £55
    90 hours ….. £75

    Mobile Massage for further information and prices / availability


    • Cancellation Charges ... unless the appointment can be filled
    • Less than 48 hours 50%
    • Less than 24 hours 100%
    • Missed appointments 100%

    8. Booking an appointment or making a general enquiry

    Text message is the best way to contact me, I can usually reply between appointments.

    Text ….or call …(any time)07747 842 748

    9. Qualifications and Training

    Andrew Brown - NAMMT (RMAdv), Dip. Tui Na F BH®

    Professional Associations - Registered Member Of

    1. NAMMT - National Association of Massage & Manipulative Therapists
    2. CNHC - Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council

    Qualifications & Training

    1. Tui-Na / Chinese Massage and Manual Therapy Foundation Diploma (Body Harmonics)
    2. Hendrickson Method Practitioner (level 5)
    3. Advanced Remedial Massage Diploma - Northern Institute of Massage (level 5)
    4. Dr. Vodder method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (to Therapy 1)
    5. Level 4 Sports Massage & Sports Injury Management (ITEC)
    6. Advanced Strategies in Deep Tissue Massage & Myofascial Release (Art Riggs)
    7. Provision of Remedial Exercise
    8. Introduction to Strength & Conditioning
    9. Trigger Point Therapy
    10. Somatic Movement Coaching HSE Level 1
    11. Tui Na - CPD introduction (Gateway)
    1. Holistic (Swedish) Massage ITEC Level 3
    2. Aromatherapy Pre-blends ITEC Level 3
    3. Onsite Chair Massage
    4. Detox Massage
    5. Thai Massage (Levels 1 & 2)
    6. Hawaiian Facial Massage
    7. Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage Diploma
    8. Reiki Level 1 & 2 since 1999 ...Master/Teacher Level since 2006
    9. EFT Advanced Therapist
    10. Traditional Ear Candling
    11. ‘Pregnancy Massage’ gateway